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We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? 

IoT is a technology that enables the connection of industrial and commercial assets to internet so we can get, store and analyse its data to offer insights to the customer.

What is an asset? 

An asset is any equipment or device that you want to monitor or control, like a pump, a valve, a motor, a tank, etc.

What is a sensor? 

 A sensor is an electronic device that measures specific characteristics of an asset, like temperature, pressure, level, speed, etc.

What is a variable? 

A variable represents the value measured by a sensor. Examples: temperature of tank, speed of the motor.

What can I connect to Xompass? 

You can connect any asset or equipment, as long as it is capable of communicating with one of our compatible protocols. You can check the list here(link). 

What can I do after I connect a device? 

After you successfully connect your device to Xompass using the FaaS Agent, you will be able to access the data on real time, setup alerts, track your assets on a map, create a process layout or create dashboards and reports. 

What is an Agent? 

It´s a small piece of software that establishes a secure connection between your Assets and Xompass. It can run in local server, a computer or an industrial Gateway. Check the list of recommended gateways here (link). 

Can I connect my asset directly to Xompass without an Agent? 

Not yet.

Why do I need an Agent? 

To collect, translate, and send data securely to the Cloud and hold the data when the network is unstable. 

What Communication Protocols can I connect to Xompass? 

Check the list here (link). 

Will this replace my PI System? 

No, Xompass can communicate to your PI System without modifying the data flow you currently have. 

Will this replace my control system, SCADA, or DCS? 

No, Xompass can work along with your existing SCADA or DCS if you have them connected to a PI System, or your system has OPC UA connectivity. 

Is it secure to connect my device to the cloud? 

Yes, the communication between the cloud and your devices uses Microsoft certified technologies (SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, and more). 

Can I use Xompass only On Premise? 

It is possible to make an on premise Xompass deployement if some cirteria is met. Contact us if you want to know more go here  

What is an Edge Gateway? 

An Edge Gateway is a computer, a server or a Gateway, with internet access, where you install and run the Xompass Client to send data from your local network to Xompass. 

Where can I buy a Edge Gateway? 

Check the list of recommended gateways here (link). 

If my Assets don’t have any communication, how can I connect them? 

If your asset needs instrumentation, we suggest contacting one of our Authorized System Integrator to help you on that. If your company has personnel for this task, they will have to install the required sensors and communication devices before sending the data. Check here some examples (link, with water pump instrumentation, motor, electric panel, truck, etc). 

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