Xompass Solution for Fiber Network Management

Fiber Optic Monitoring System

Transforming Communication Infrastructure

In the last decade the growth of fiber optic networks has grown exponentially, due to the need for greater bandwidth in networks, greater connectivity distances and greater stability. A disadvantage of these systems is being prone to physical cuts in the network. The impact of a cut is proportional to the time it takes to locate and repair it.

Solution Drives Communication Infrastructure Uptime

System generates detailed event alerts with the following information:

Event Information

Type of Event, Cut or Loss, with date, time and location (Latitude, Longitude).

Network Details

Fiber and Equipment involved and the distance from the measuring point

GIS Information

Direct link to Google Maps to get the route

Approximate address if available

Alarms with detailed location and personnel information

How It Works

Field Intelligence as a Service Architecture. The Xompass Fiber Monitoring System helps users to react quickly to a fiber cut by immediately sending all the required information to find the point of failure as soon as possible, reducing costs for loss of service and protecting SLAs. The generated intelligence on the collected data allows users to make quick fixes and upgrades, as well as improve decision-making.

Benefits of Using the Xompass Fiber Application

With the use of the Xompass Suite the user can:

Real-Time Data Information

Detection of Cuts and Losses in Live and Dark Fiber. Constant online monitoring

Geo-espacial Intelligence

Location of faults, full layout of fiber on maps, and alarms with detailed location and personnel information.


Easy integration with PI System, historians, MS Azure, and cloud services.


Multiple Fibers and up to 300km of measurement according to OTDR. 1650nm band monitoring not to interfere with live fiber data.

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