Xompass Power Solutions

Smart Energy Management

Zero Programming

To use Xompass Suite, a programming gateways expert is not required, neither is it necessary to generate codes to develop metrics.

Industrial equipment database

Protocols and communication interfaces

Visual calculation engine

Pre-configured Dashboards

Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency application allows online performance monitoring of the main equipment’s power consumption in an industrial plant or retail business and its impact on the operational cost. This approach to monitoring allows determining critical areas to implement actions of energy efficiency and operational management of equipment. The application is able to connect to power consumption measuring systems and control systems (if needed) to obtain equipment performance and power consumption data.

Xompass allows generating intelligence

Collected data to make upgrades, improve decision-making and identify performance

Consumption analytics

Per Plant, Building,  floors, rooms, parking, green areas, dining rooms and more.

Consumption comparison

Between plants, buildings, floors or assets.

Asset operation planning

To improve power consumption (On/Off or Ventilation system case)

Ventilation Monitoring

Efficient planning of ventilation and room temperature



Generator Monitoring

Make sure your generator is ready to start when needed

Water System Monitoring

Industrial water pump Monitoring and Planning

Maintenance Scheduling

Efficient planning of equipment maintenance

Ventilation consumption forecast

Based on external environmental indicators

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