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Driven by passion, humility, and customer delight to make IOT a reality for everyone

Our vision is to bring industrial connectivity at par with the consumer market to connect 20 billion industrial sensor systems by 2030


The founders were industry practitioners for decades and saw the opportunity to drive manufacturing intelligence with IOT and analytics. The key challenge was there was no technology to drive rapid deployment at an affordable price to scale to billions of industrial instruments to capture IOT value.

A top research university in Chile had the right set of technology to connect the gap between instrumentation and insights. Xompass was formed in San Francisco in 2015 when the smart minds in the university converged with top industry executives.

Xompass FaaS (Field Intelligence as a service) coined in 2016, was the first attempt in the industry to develop a product-centric approach for IOT implementation. Our founders took on several ambitious industrial challenges in the industry with the help of partners. Today, our products are used in some of the most advanced industrial systems, making IOT a reality through predictive maintenance and incipient fault detection. This has resulted in saving millions for a significant number of organizations.

Organizations looking to demonstrate value from IOT and analytics can now do so in just a few minutes with Xompass FaaS products. Our engineers operate with the culture of driving “customer delight” with FaaS product-centric design thinking. Our partners share the same values to make us win together.

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Francisco Soto

Chief Executive Officer

Carlos Valdés

Chief Technology Officer

Andrés Ulloa

Head of Engineer

Rene Mena

Head of Cloud Platform

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