Data Center Applications

Battery Monitoring System

Energy Efficiency

The greatest factor causing unplanned outages at a Datacenter corresponds to failures in the uninterruptible power supply system (UPS). The costs associated with a Datacenter include energy expenses of the cooling system equipment, continuous hardware upgrading (not only to servers but also to backup systems) and fast data network maintenance, where the most significant expenditure corresponds to energy backup systems, both online (UPS) and Offline (generators).

How It Works

The main function of Xompass Suite application is the use of collected data to generate useful information about the batteries with the aim of maintaining and/or extending the life span in an automated way.

Xompass allows generating intelligence

The benefits of using Xompass Suite are

Real time display of information

Configuration of customized indicators like SOC (State of Charge) and SOH (State of Health)

Failure identification

Deployment of Machine Learning algorithms to detect anomalies and predictive maintenance

Event notification and warning system

Use of historical and Real-Time data to upgrade preventive maintenance programs

Custom Dashboard

Generation of reports and customized dashboards for different kinds of users and levels of decision-making

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