Microgrid Applications

We help Ferry companies reduce diesel consumption by using green energy

Green Energy

Our Microgrid IoT app installed inside in the ferry takes care of 3 things: connecting equipment, understanding energy consumption and charging.

How It Works

Today, Inside of the ferry, diesel perform two jobs:  One, provide energy to the engines,  and two, Generator transform diesel into electrical energy, which is very expensive. What if we add green energy storage system like batteries and replace some of the generators. Now, these batteries will provide energy to the existing equipment and they can be charged every night. This will help to save fuel consumption.

Xompass allows generating intelligence

Our platform can help captain and ferries manager to connect, understand and predict:

Real time display of information

The operational performance of the batteries on the ferry

Consumption analytics

Energy consumption of equipment connected

Custom Dashboard

Generation of reports and customized dashboards for different kinds of users and levels of decision-making

Charging Scheduling

Plan charging events

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