Surveillance Applications

Fire Surveillance SaaS Solution

Real-Time Survillance SaaS

Through machine learning, it recognizes abnormal site behavior as it relates to smoke, fire and activities. Operators can be notified in a matter of seconds when a potential fire is near a structure and give warnings in advance of the issue to key people anywhere and all the time 24/7/365 for N Cameras.

How It Works

The process starts with Camera Installation in a forest or similar nature location. The cameras record images within a time interval set by the administrator. The time can be anywhere from seconds to minutes or hours if so desired. Data are processed locally and alarms are then sent to the cloud. Xompass uses a smoke and fire algorithm, which it applies to the images. This information combined with map data and weather variables enables Xompass to assign a risk level index for fire.

Xompass allows generating intelligence

The benefits of using Xompass Suite are

Real time display of information

Configuration of customized indicators like SOC (State of Charge) and SOH (State of Health)

Failure identification

Deployment of Machine Learning algorithms to detect anomalies and predictive maintenance

Event notification and warning system

Use of historical and Real-Time data to upgrade preventive maintenance programs

Custom Dashboard

Generation of reports and customized dashboards for different kinds of users and levels of decision-making

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