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Xompass Field Intelligence as a service (FaaS) product is the industry leading SaaS offering that bridges the gap between instrumentation (IOT) and Advanced Analytics.

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The IoT upgrade platform for your existing hardware

Companies spend billions of dollars on hardware. Everytime technology changes, that hardware becomes obsolete. Which means companies are removing that hardware and replace it with a new upgraded device. This is very expensive and time-consuming and this is happening in every industry today. Industries need a smarter way to upgrade hardware and Xompass is an IoT company, building and packing software applications that retrofit any existing hardware and make it smarter.

Using our suite of IoT tools, we build applications that can unlock new abilities for any existing hardware.

Xompass FaaS enables rapid deployment, capital lite, easy to scale solution.
Drive edge intelligence to billions of assets in Mining, Water, Power, Oil & Gas, and Energy industry leveraging the power of the Cloud.

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