Xompass FaaS Edge

Edge Intelligence for Industrial IoT

Xompass Asset Performance Management

Drive manufacturing intelligence by rapidly connecting to assets

Assets Contextualization

Defining relationships between data, equipment’s and assets to improve understanding and make related information easily accessible

Device Management

Replicating existing format of the industrials protocols to connect equipment through templates to ensure consistency across assets and enable rapid configuration.

Bidirectional Intelligence

Expression rules make it easy to apply actions in the field, to a condition reported from an asset.

Industrial asset repository

Any asset/equipment created in Xompass can be contextualized about hierarchy, reliationship, propertie, connection setting, and sensor variables data information. With these metadata and time series data provides a detailed description of equipment or assets

Edge Connectors

Developed with a sharp focus on security, performance, and manageability, this library of industrial protocols and connectors is the fastest and easiest way to connect to new assets. Xompass Connectors can get data from the assets in the field and send data to the Xompass Cloud with minimal configuration.

Xompass IoT Client

Fast, secure, and easy to connect. Xompass IoT client is a downloadable plugin and fully managed that enables reliable and secure bidirectional communications between millions of IoT devices and a solution back end. The Edge Client uses the Azure IoT Hub service provides multiple device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device communication options, including one-way messaging, file transfer, and request-reply methods.


Azure IoT Hub scales to millions of simultaneously connected devices and millions of events per second.


Enables secure communications and access control using per-device security keys or X.509 certificates.

Monitoring of device connectivity operations

Provides extensive monitoring for device connectivity and device identity management events.

MS Azure Integration

Provides built-in declarative message routing to other Azure services.

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