Santiago de Chile,

Xompass founder visited several NB-IOT Chip Manufacture and device manufacture in China to implement NB-IOT business in Latam and the US.

Francisco Soto, founder of Xompass visited more than 5 companies to work on NB-IoT solutions for our customers in the US and Latam.  NB-IOT  will accelerate IOT business development  in the US and  Latam along with Mobile carries companies.   Xompass is working with Main carries companies in the US and Latam to speed up the NB-IOT business

Companies visited  

  • Quectel and Ztewelink Chip manufacture to work on the development  IoT product development for industrial verticals (video analytics )
  • Ningbo and China Goldcard Smart meter manufactures (water and gas Meter)
  • Track device manufacture from mictrack
  • banana-pi and Rakwireless PCB OEM manufactures

During June 2018, will be launch a NB-IOT lab along with a mobile telco company in Latam to present new IoT business