The team behind the initiative, members of the Scientific and Technological Center of Valparaiso, met with a representative of a prestigious American company to develop architectures that will facilitate the integration of the asset analysis services already offered, through the use of Edge technology.

Xompass, a platform developed by the engineers from the Scientific and Technological Center of Valparaiso (CCTVal) of the Federico Santa Maria Technical University, received the visit from a representative of the International Company, OSIsoft, with the aim of deepening their collaborative partnership through the joint development of a solution.

Designed to analyze, store and gather data from industrial equipment, Xompass is a platform originated from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data for the industry concepts, which via gateways, provides operational intelligence to field equipment.

The enterprise keeps a close relationship with the prestigious San Francisco-based company, OSIsoft, a global leader provider of open infrastructure that connects sensor-based data, operations and people to enable real-time intelligence to industries, with more than 15 thousand sites around the world. The Company’s CEO, Dr. Patrick Kennedy, selected Xompass to become part of their acceleration program, where once a year a start-up is chosen to be incubated.

“Our value to OSIsoft lies on our ability to connect a large number of equipment not integrated to the system, through Edge Technology”, Andres Ulloa explained, engineer in charge of Edge and hardware development at Xompass, in regards to one of the two systems through which the platform operates: Edge, a system that consists on the monitoring and delivery of information of equipment through gateways, obtained from the cloud or locally and autonomously, forgoing internet connectivity for greater asset security.

Greater endorsement

Hoa Tram, OSIsoft partner solution architect, met with the Xompass team at the USM’s campus to jointly work on merging the services given by both companies, as well as improving the way this joint added value is shown to customers in contrast to the way it is done separately.

“In the long run, we are working on creating an architecture to merge Xompass with the PI system, to emphasize the value that Xompass and OSIsoft together, can deliver to our customers” Hoa Tram said. “We are trying to build architectures that, if our customers use our joined services, they will be able to have a much fuller vision of their equipment, they will have the ability to make a better analysis, connecting everything in a more efficient way, without having to spend too much money on integrating systems, consulting and additional expenses to obtain the same service. So, my visit’s objective is to create a technique that will allow this to happen”, he indicated.

Regarding the opportunity that represents having the American company as a business partner, Ulloa indicated that OSIsoft is a “global company that will give us a greater endorsement in front of our customers, generating more confidence. On our own, we would need years to establish conversations with big clients; but in alliance with OSIsoft, we have a greater capacity to grow. All the opportunities generated from our partnership can’t be compared to what we could achieve on our own”.