San Francisco , California.

Xompass implement an upgrade of their IoT  solution to monitor Fiber for  Lit San leandro. This represent a important milestone for Xompass , developing Edge IOT real-time application to predict and monitor failures in the Internet fiber of the costumer ,  after +12  month of  monitoring the Internet fiber loop.

Andres Ulloa  Co-founder had a one week implementation work , where he install the new edge geateway and trained  personal from Lit San Leandro

About Xompass

Xompass Inc. is a multinational IOT product company that has offices in San Leandro, California; Valparaiso, Chile; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Xompass Field Intelligence as a Service (FaaS) product is the industry leading SaaS offering that bridges the gap between instrumentation (IOT) and Advanced Analytics. Xompass’ product suite in edge and cloud makes IOT implementation a quick and cost-effective reality for several industrial and telecommunication companies globally. See


About Lit San Leandro, LLC 

owns and operates the switch and routing facilities that bring lightning-fast internet access to our community. Lit San Leandro exists to serve state-of-the-art fiber optic internet connections to businesses.  In 2012, San Leandro Dark Fiber LLC pulled a fiber optic loop through The City of San Leandro’s in exchange for extending the city’s connected infrastructure, supporting the community and its economic development.